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IP protection and licensing

For Faculty

Your Work Matters

ASU researchers are tackling some of the world’s biggest challenges, from reliable power and DNA computing, to cancer detection and obesity management. Skysong Innovations works collaboratively with ASU faculty and students to transform this use-inspired research into societal impact.

How Do You Benefit?
  • Protection

    Our experienced team will guide you through the patenting process with the goal of filing the best patent application possible to ensure commercial success.

  • Funding

    Inventors and their labs receive a share of licensing revenues. Sponsored research agreements can provide additional funding going forward.

  • Tenure/Promotion

    Technology transfer activities are now credited in the tenure and promotion process in some ASU departments, including the Fulton Schools of Engineering.

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    Get started by submitting your invention or request a consultation with Skysong Innovations staff.

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  • Need info about protecting your IP?

    Get answers to your questions about Intellectual Property by reading through our Faculty Primer.

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Steps to Working With Us

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  1. Invention Disclosure

    We offer technology commercialization expertise in the area of scientific research and innovation. The first step of Skysong Innovations' process is completing and submitting a Technology Disclosure and Record form that provides a description of the invention.

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  2. Technology Evaluation

    Skysong Innovations' team will analyze your technology’s market potential and IP position. Industry experts and patent counsel may participate in the evaluation of your invention to provide a more robust view of market needs.

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  3. Marketing

    Skysong Innovations staff actively contact potential licensing targets to talk about your invention and determine their interest. The marketing and licensing process is ongoing and may be done in stages as improvements are made.

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  4. IP Protection

    Skysong Innovations closely safeguards new technologies to provide all parties with the highest level of protection in a licensing transaction. We address the careful balancing of academic and commercial interests through thoughtful planning and collaboration with faculty.

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  5. Technology Licensing

    When Skysong Innovations finds a licensee for your invention, we negotiate, execute and manage the resulting license agreement. Negotiating a license agreement can be a lengthy process. Please be aware that not all inventions make their way to the licensing stage.

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Looking for a technology or invention to commercialize? Arizona State University has over 600 technologies available for licensing. Start your search here or submit your own invention.