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Disclosing to AzTE
The Invention Disclosure Process

Disclosing to AzTE

Identifying Research with Commercial Interest

The technology licensing process begins when an ASU researcher (faculty, student or staff) submits a Technology Disclosure form. This provides us with a description of the invention as well as potential co-inventors, details about sponsored research, funding, related research, commercial potential, and any public disclosures.

AzTE strongly encourages researchers to file disclosures on their inventions, even if the commercial potential is unknown or difficult to define. Most university research is so advanced that it takes years before the market is truly ready for it. It is never too early to disclose.

Once we receive the disclosure form it is given a case number and added to our system. At any point in time, you can find out the status of your invention, including details ranging from patent filings to marketing targets by accessing the ASU inventor portal and logging in with your ASUrite ID and password.

After the initial disclosure is filed, please be sure to inform us of any new developments or contemplated publications that may describe improvements to your invention.

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