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Licensing FAQs
What You Need to Know to License an Invention

Licensing FAQs

Licensing FAQs

Am I required to sign a confidentiality agreement to learn about ASU technologies?

There are different degrees of public information available for each technology. For some, we can provide you with published papers and patents that describe the concepts involved in great detail. For others, the only non-confidential information we may have is a brief description of the technology. AzTE staff will be able to speak most freely with you if you've signed a confidential disclosure agreement with us.

Are ASU technologies ready for the market?

ASU inventions cover a broad spectrum ranging from conceptual design to patented working prototypes. As a university, our expertise is in teaching and research. Some of the technologies we have available for licensing may be ready for commercial use today, but most require that the licensing company take the science that we've developed and create a product offering from it.

How much does it cost to license a technology from AzTE?

We look at a number of factors when negotiating a license, but the main consideration is the value that the technology offers. AzTE works with licensees to develop terms that are fair to all parties and will utilize market comparables when able to do so. Our goal is to rapidly commercialize the technology for the benefit of you and the university and in the public interest. Our licenses include a variety of creative terms tailored to fit your particular circumstances.

Licensing an AzTE technology typically involves three expenses: a license fee, patent reimbursement costs and royalties. The license fee and the patent reimbursement costs are upfront fees, while royalties are due when a product is commercialized and sold. Because each technology has a different market value, the exact dollar amounts of these costs are negotiated with your AzTE representative.

What does AzTE look for when selecting a company to license its technology?

We want licensees who have the resources, technical expertise, and management skills required to quickly build a sustainable commercial success out of new technology.

My company would like to sponsor research on campus. How do we make this arrangement?

Industry-sponsored research at ASU typically involves two agreements. The first is a research agreement between the university and the sponsoring company, which defines the scope of the project. Often, a second agreement, called a sponsor option agreement, is negotiated between AzTE and the company at the same time. The sponsor option agreement defines the licensing rights of the company to any intellectual property that may emerge from the sponsored research.

A company may also make a gift to the university. These funds are unrestricted, meaning they are not directed toward any specific research and do not give the company any rights to future intellectual property.

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