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Licensing Process
Flexible and Efficient

Licensing Process

A Refined Process

AzTE identifies technology that fills market needs to enable the right partners to take these innovations to the marketplace. Our licensing process, which we have refined over the course of a decade as an independent office, is designed to achieve two goals:

  1. Offer a straightforward legal mechanism for companies to access ASU inventions.
  2. Facilitate on-going partnerships for future product commercialization.

AzTE shares in the development risk by requiring an initial license fee and a royalty that is received only after a product or process is being sold or otherwise used. We understand that direct communication is the quickest and most efficient way to work with our industry partners.

How does the licensing process work?

There are five simple steps to working with us on a licensing agreement:

  1. Identify Opportunities
  2. Non-Disclosure Agreement
  3. Term Sheet Draft License Agreement
  4. Execute License
  5. Manage Commitments

Search Inventions

Looking for a technology or invention to commercialize? Arizona State University has over 600 technologies available for licensing. Start your search here or submit your own invention.