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Startups that launched based on ASU intellectual property today employ more than 250 people in the state of Arizona – and half again that many people worldwide. Startups (and sublicensees that have licensed ASU IP) have attracted more than $600 million in venture and other funding.

For the right invention and the right inventor, a startup company can be the best way to commercialize a new technology and bring it to market. Skysong Innovations collaborates with ASU Entrepreneurship and Innovation (E+I) to offer a full set of venture development services to help new companies get off the ground and grow their businesses. E+I provides a wide variety of opportunities to explore, share, test and advance your ideas. And it serves as a connecting and collaborating resource for entrepreneurs at all stages across ASU and throughout the Valley of the Sun.

Overall, more than 96 companies have been launched based on ASU discoveries. From revolutionizing the management and treatment of epilepsy to creating a family of software components used to expand CPU processing capacity in iSCSI SAN, our startups are really taking off.

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